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What Is Plan4Success

Our Purpose


PLAN4SUCCESS is a premier resource foundation that provides practical life skills to adolescents and young adults in the areas of Career Development, Financial Literacy and College Prep. Our priority is to allow underserved youth in Chicagoland areas the opportunity to become bigger contributors to society as they Participate to Learn how to take Action and Network.


Resources are shared with teens, parents, college students and non-profits throughout the Chicagoland area. Communication is weaved through our social media outlets, group chat dialogues, one-on-one direct messaging and email communication. Through our network of affiliated youth programs and 501 (c) (3) groups, PLAN4SUCCESS join students, parents, volunteers, donors and non-profits in an efficient and effective stream of resources to create greater, lasting impact on the success of Chicago youth.




Supporting Parents

Our Parent Cohort is kept in the loop of opportunities we offer their child! Parents work together, share information and resources via the GroupMe app. Some parents have included industry professionals that have led some of our workshops, volunteered for our conferences and given monetary support to help us to help all youth PLAN4SUCCESS.Stay in the loop of resources by joining our Parent Cohort today!

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College Success

We share resources across our college students to foster a community of college scholars and continue to support their higher achievement.

Our College Scholars attend 50+ Colleges and Universities across the nation! Currently, we have 150+ scholars in our College Cohort. We support them by offering scholarships, regular check-in's, care packages, professional development that includes resume editing and Linkedin profile creation. College Scholars have exposure to our Network for internships and other opportunities. 

"Receiving the care package with snacks and personal note let me know there are other people besides my parents cheering for my success!"

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Helping Youth Plan for the Future

We share resources across our high school students to enrich their academic and extra-curricular endeavors and to help them plan for post-graduation options.

Our Teen Scholars attend 30+ High Schools across the Chicagoland area. We created 12 different practical life skill workshops that were offered on a quarterly basis. We have consolidated these workshops into a day-long conference at U of I-Chicago in May for our teens. Our support extends to shadow days, letters of recommendation, and connections to additional resources.​

"This program gave me skills I will take the rest of my life!"

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PLAN4SUCCESS maximizes its reach and impact by using a community network structure, which allows for interaction with several NonProfit organizations to prevent service duplication and expand the network of services offered to teens and college scholars. If you are a non-profit or know of one that services our youth, hit the button below!


Cohort News Letters

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