What is GIVE100!

GIVE100 is a fundraising campaign to raise money for underserved college students to help bridge the gap of basic needs for college. In today's climate, most underserved students financial aid packages include high loan amounts and less disposable income. PLAN4SUCCESS awards scholarships to help students pay for books, transportation, and basic needs to start the school year off with the capacity to succeed! We have an audacious goal of raising $26,000 to award 52 scholarships, matching the total number of scholarships awarded since 2016. There are 3 levels of giving that all go into one fund. 100% of your donation will go directly to the student scholarships! You can GIVE $100 to our GIVE100 Campaign, GIVE LEGACY in honor of your loved one or make a donation of any amount to help us reach our goal.

Who is Edna Lee Stewart?

Edna Lee Stewart and her father owned Edna's Restaurant on the Westside of Chicago. She served her famous biscuits and soul food to people from around the world. Martin Luther King Jr., sitting US Presidents and other people from the Civil Rights Movement up to then Senator Barack Obama have dined at the restaurant. Edna often employed convicted felons and trained them, giving them an opportunity to provide a living for themselves and act as a bridge to other career possibilities. Having the heart to help the underserved made her legendary!

“Receiving the Edna Lee Stewart Scholarship was great because it recognizes all of my hard work to pursue my education.”

Do you only support College Students through scholarships?

We offer the opportunity to for our scholars to Participate to Learn how to take Action and Network, which allows them a chance to become better contributors to society. We offer a variety of resources that include:



*Exposure to Resources

*Professional Development

*Care Packages

*Recommendations-For those who engage through participation in programs & events


GIVE100 today by clicking the link below!

Any donation amount is accepted and 100% of donations goes directly to the scholars!

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