Taking Care of Business Annual Conference

Conference goals:

PLAN4SUCCESS is turning its quarterly life skills modules into a one day leadership conference that is held every May. The goal of each module is to give scholars the knowledge necessary to:

  • develop an understanding of how to present themselves for opportunities,

  • gain financial literacy competencies, and

  • realize next steps in life beyond high school.


Scholars will be able to choose 3 of the 9 workshop modules for the day. Classes are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Through professional presentations from industry leaders, hands-on practical experiences and exposure to the information provided, high school scholars will gain the necessary lessons to prepare them to Participate to Learn how to take Action and Network.


Who can attend?

The conference is open to high school scholars (grades 9-12).

Is there a cost to attend the conference?

Yes. The cost is $10 per scholar.

Workshop modules:

Resume Writing 

Learn why having a resume is important, what is included in a resume and create a finished draft. Scholars leave with a resume template that can be used for upcoming interviews, scholarship submissions, and/or revised as information is updated.


A Brand Called “YOU” 

Learn what a brand is and why it is pivotal to think of yourself as the next best brand on the market for high school and beyond.



Learn what fashions are acceptable in different professional, private and casual environments. The scholars will be given a hands-on challenge with what is learned during this module.


Game of Life 

One of our most popular modules on life skills, career path, budgeting and other aspects of financial literacy to teach scholars how to afford themselves after high school.


Interviewing 101 

Review a job description, learn interview tips and tricks and a complete an actual one on one interview.


Line of Credit  

Practical information on how important credit is for everyone and provide scenarios on credit and share information on how to develop a budget for college and beyond.


College Signing Day  

#BetterMakeRoom is a Michelle Obama and Reach Higher initiative to celebrate high school seniors as they announce their college choice. PLAN4SUCCESS celebrates rising college freshman and exposes them to our college scholars’ cohort to share a plethora of resources and hear a panel discussion with current college students. Only Rising College Freshman can register for this module.


Stock Market

Scholars learn about the stock market and play an interactive game where they buy and sell stock. 


Figure it Out 

Learn strategies to figure out how to choose a college major and career path!

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