About us

The PLAN4Success Foundation has been established to provide educational, social and cultural experiences for minority youth while teaching life skills.  We are particularly seeking to redirect Chicagoland youth to reach the goal of moving forward in life more efficiently.  We want to teach and train our youth to sharpen their skills expose them to more resources.  The program includes conducting workshops to teach life skills to our youth while exposing them to educational, cultural and social experiences through conferences, camps and excursions.  




Our mission is to allow minority individuals to become more responsible, increasingly productive and bigger contributors to our society as a whole.  We are building a network of community organizations for our youth to explore to increase visibility and potential of participation and growth.  All youth who demonstrate the discipline of basic respect, want to learn something new to enhance success for the future, or organizations willing to share resources for the greater good, join us to Participate to Learn how to take Action and Network.

Nicole Brookens


Executive Director

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